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Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, rum & raisin

We are very pleased to offer a second coffee from Ethiopia. Still working with Kamba but this time a natural processed coffee from the Oromia region.

Quite different to the washed, this coffee always divides the room on the cupping table. Expect more body, and a wilder, funky character.

Definitely worth a try if you are ready to explore speciality coffee.

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This coffee is produced in the Woreda of Kercha, Guji region, on the border of the Dawa River. Its altitude is 1,850 - 2,200 masl & the soil deep, rich & sandy. 


In the past, farmers suffered from a lack of access to market, with most of the zone being a full day's drive away from the nearest trading centres. Israel Degfa established the Kercha processing site in 2016 & has focused on producing high-quality coffee from this area. The 1,565 contributing farmers & smallholders are all part of the support network set up by Israel Degfa, which helps smallholders & their families with access to healthcare, education & agricultural support. 


The Kercha dry mill has 150 raised beds & over 150 members of staff during the harvest season.  The coffee is processed naturally & is an heirloom variety. 

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