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Vinhal Jam

Vinhal Jam

Tasting Notes: Hazelnuts, Raspberry Jam and Vanilla

We are delighted to present another interesting micro lot from Rafael Vinhal and his family estate in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. As the family business has grown it has achieved Rainforest Alliance certification as well as being an award-winning member of the BSCA - Brazil Specialty Coffee Association.

We’ve been working with Raf for several years now and love exploring his interesting micro lots. This one has undergone another unusual experimental processing method. Expect nuttiness typical of brazil naturals but also jammy sweetness and more delicate vanilla notes. We’ve roasted light to lightlight the more interesting notes. Best enjoyed as a simple pour over or cafetiere, with out milk or sugar, naturally.

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The Vinhal farms are in the heart of Minas Gerais state, in the Cerrado region. They cover an area of 200 hectares, with 850,000 coffee trees, at altitudes of 980 MASL (relatively low for speciality coffee) all the way up to 2500 MASL. The region has a warm climate, with dry summers and rainy winters. This results in sweet coffees, usually Catuaí, with low acidity and a full body.


In 1988 Mr Zico Vinhal literally planted with his own hands the first seeds of the family’s business. Continued by his son, Afonso, seen here, with his wife Marcelia and their son Rafael, this is truly a family business.


This micro lot from the Vinhal family farm is catucai varietal of arabica. The double fermented natural processing is an experimental processing method that undoubtedly helps give it it's unique flavour profile, combining both classic brazil nuttiness with sweetness and more delicate notes.

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Wonderful nut and fruit flavours

A really interesting coffee with fabulous mix of nuts and fruit with sweet raspberry flavours a light vanilla finish and a lovely lingering after taste, Great in the afternoon as a pour over. I have really enjoyed this blend which also smells amazing fresh from the grinder.