Our Roastery

Our Roastery

Welcome to our first roastery blog. The future of this blog is a space to share our coffee approach and adventures, in the same spirit of the roastery and the horsebox. A small space in the very big world of coffee… This first blog is a history blog – we are feeling bright about the future. The future is where we are heading, but let’s not forget the past, how we got to where we are now and, essentially, who we are.

The Horsebox story so far
Introducing Deux Chevaux Espresso

The roastery has always been the goal. Our mobile vehicles were to create and establish a demand for coffee the way we like it. Setting up a roastery is no mean feat, something we couldn’t enter into without knowing there were customers out there…

On that note, a huge thank you to our lovely customers and clients; we would not still be here now without you and this is where we dreamed of being. Sacks of green beans carefully and ethically sourced from individual farms and co-operatives at origin, packed full of character that we can’t wait to present, are now delivered monthly to us at our roastery in Brightwell, just outside Wallingford. 

We carefully profile, taste and roast. Pack, dispatch and teach. Loving every minute of the craft that turns a carefully cultivated but almost tasteless coffee seed into a wonderfully aromatic and tasty cup of coffee with its own story to tell.

The roastery project has been an emotional one for me. Just a week after our roaster arrived in August my dear mum, 87, the true founder of Horsebox Coffee Co. who purchased the horsebox back in the seventies to transport Solomon (Dark Horse) and Ned (Brightstar), took a fall, became very ill and sadly passed away just before Christmas.

Balancing a business you are passionate about with the really important things in life is not easy… but thanks to an amazing team that upholds our values of hard work, commitment and kindness this has been doable. Meet the team

Thank you for reading. We’ll be back soon! Emily

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